Monday, August 1, 2011

Coach Admin FAQ

We know there are a lot of options available in your team's administration page. See below for some of the more frequently asked questions about what to do once you are in your coach admin!

1. How much time does it take to enter stats on MaxPreps?

Depending on the sport, it takes about 5-15 minutes to enter complete game stats into the MaxPreps system. However, if you use our MaxPreps iPad apps or another compatible stat program, you can upload your stats in a couple clicks. 

2. Once I enter stats, how long does it take for the stats to show up on the MaxPreps site?

Once stats are entered, it generally takes anywhere from 15-60 minutes for the stats to appear on the MaxPreps site. Leader boards for team, section, state and national leaders are updated once a day.

3. How do I post my team’s schedule on MaxPreps?

Once logged in to your Coach Admin, go to “Schedule” on the top toolbar. Click “Schedule a Game” and enter the game information. See below for what to do if you can’t delete a game already on your schedule or can’t find the team you played in our database. You can also watch this video that explains how to add games to and edit your schedule!

4. There is a game on my schedule we didn’t play and there isn’t an option to delete it. What do I do?

If you are unable to delete the game, it is because that game has stats entered for the other team. Call us at (800) 329-7324 ext. 1 or email us at and we can fix this issue for you.

5. How do I post/edit my team’s roster on MaxPreps?

Once logged in to your Coach Admin, go to “Roster” on the top toolbar. Click “Add an Athlete” and fill in the player’s information. To edit this information after saving, click “Edit” next to the player’s name. Here is a short video demonstrating how to add athlete’s to your roster.

6. If I delete a player with stats from my roster, what happens?

You may have to delete a player from you roster for reasons such as ineligibility. Players deleted from your roster will appear in the “View Deleted Athletes” tab on the Roster Page. A deleted player will not appear on the MaxPreps website but their stats will continue to contribute to the team totals. You can add a deleted player back to your ‘Current Roster’ by selecting the tab “View Deleted Athletes” and clicking “Restore” next to that player’s name.

7. My league alignment is incorrect. How do I change it?

Once logged into your Coach Admin, click “League Alignment” under “Utilities” in the top toolbar. Follow the directions on the site to confirm or edit your league. By removing/adding teams you are making a request, so you will not see any changes made immediately. Requests will normally receive a response within one business day.

8. How do I enter/edit my team’s stats on MaxPreps?

Here is a video explaining how to enter your stats on MaxPreps. Once you’ve logged into your Coach Admin, click “Enter/Edit Stats” under “Stats” on the top toolbar. Next, click ‘Enter Stats’ or ‘Edit Stats’ next to the game you wish to update. The first page is the box score and at the bottom you will see “Save and Enter Stats” – This button will take you to where you enter your individual athlete’s stats. Entering stats generally takes less than 15 minutes. If you use a compatible stat app, you can import your stats in a few clicks!

9. How do I view/print my stats on MaxPreps?

Once logged in to your Coach Admin, click “Print Stats” under the Stats tab on the top toolbar. Click “View the Report” next to the game you wish to view/print. Only games with scores/stats are available for printing.

10. Can I view/print my league-only stats?

Yes. Once logged in to your Coach Admin, click “Print Stats” under the Stats tab on the top toolbar. Select ‘View Report’ next to the ‘Only League Stats’ at the bottom of the page.

11. I have multiple games with missing stats. Is there a quick way to enter my cumulative stats to get caught up?

Definitely. Login to your team’s administrative page and click ‘Enter/Edit Stats’ under the Main Menu. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click ‘Enter Season-to-Date Stats’. Enter your stats and select the date of the last game for the stats you have just entered and click ‘Save & Next’. It’s that simple and it takes just minutes. Please note: If you enter Season-to-Date stats, all future game stats must be recorded separately on a game-by-game basis. Also, whatever you enter will be your totals. EX: If you enter game by game offensive stats but then do a season to date entry with just defensive stats, you will only see the defensive stats.

12. How do I send my team stats to local newspapers and broadcasts through MaxPreps?

Login to your team’s administration page, click ‘Send Stats’ under the “Stats” tab on the top toolbar. Click ‘Send Report’ next to the game you wish to send and then check the box next to the desired newspaper(s) and/or broadcast(s) you wish to send your stats to. Then click the ‘Send’ button in lower right corner of the page and you’re done! Your report will be sent via email to all of the media organizations you select.

13. Can I send my stats to personal contacts?

Yes. Follow the steps under “How do I send my team stats to local newspapers and broadcasts?” Click ‘Send Report’ next to the game you wish to send. Click the “Add Contact” to the left under Coach Contacts. Fill out the form in the pop-up window and save. Once your contact has been added, it will appear under the ‘Coach’s Contacts’ column. Check the box next to the contact to send your stats.

14. Can I print custom game programs on MaxPreps?

Yes. MaxPreps allows you to print custom games programs to include with your regular printed programs to enhance sales or to sell separately as a fundraiser! Each game program displays rosters, schedules, standings and stat leaders for BOTH teams (if there is information entered into MaxPreps for the other team.) To view and print game programs, you need to be logged in as a coach. Once you are logged in as a coach, click ‘Game Programs’ under “Utilities” on the top toolbar in the Coach Admin pages. Click ‘View Program’ next to the desired game to view/print the game program. 

15. Can I view, enter and edit stats from previous seasons?

Yes. You will need to be logged in as a coach. Once you are logged in, click ‘Change Season’ in the top toolbar of the Coach Administration page. Select the desired season to be able to view, then enter and edit stats, from previous seasons.

16. How do I update my name as the head coach?

In your coach admin, click on “Update Coaches” in the upper right hand corner of the page. In the white box labeled ‘Varsity Information’ you will see a place to type in your name as the head coach. Click on ‘Update Coach’ and you are all set! Check out this video on updating coach information if you need more help. You can also find your team’s access code, manage your contact information and make sure your coaching staff’s contact information is current here.

17. How do I view and/or post Camp Listings on MaxPreps?

Check out this post we did all about camp listings, jobs board and games wanted.

18. How do I view and/or post Games Wanted on MaxPreps?

Check out this post we did all about camp listings, jobs board and games wanted.

19. How do I view and/or post to my team’s Calendar?

To post events to your Team Calendar, you must be logged in as a coach. Once logged in, go to Team Calendar on the top toolbar in the Coach Admin. From there, you can add any event you want, such as fundraisers, practices or team dinners! Once the event is saved, you can choose when you want it to show up on your Team Wall. To view the calendar on MaxPreps, go to your team’s page and select ‘From the Coach’ and you will see the option for the team Calendar there.

20. Is there a place for coaches to post announcements and important dates for their players, parents, and fans?

Yes! Simply login to your Coach Admin and ‘Post to Team Wall’. These posts are all public on your team’s page on MaxPreps and can be found on the wall or under ‘From the Coach’ under ‘Coach Notes’.

21. Is MaxPreps compatible with other stat software programs?

Yes! Click here to view our Stat Import Partners. Can’t find your software program? Contact our stat partner, Alisa Dancer ( and she will be able to give you more information.

22. I do not keep stats in every category available; can I still use MaxPreps?

Of course. MaxPreps does not require that you fill out each stat category. Fill out what you track for your team. Do note though that to calculate some stats, multiple stat categories must be filled out. For example, to get a player’s batting average, you will need to enter hits and at bats.

23. Can you put in stats for other positions if a player happens to play a different position one night?

Yes. Any player can play any position, so we allow coaches to enter all stats for any player. The positions on the roster are there to display information about a player; it does not limit stat input for that player. Any stats entered for a player will display on the website regardless of their position marked on the team roster.

24. We just posted a game and our current record is not reflected in the rankings.

Most likely your record was pulled from the database for rankings before it had been updated. Your record will be updated when the next set of rankings are posted. For most sports the rankings are updated twice a week. Football is updated once a week.

25. My team participated in a tournament. Can I put all the stats under one game or do I need to post each individual game with the individual stats?

No. You must add each individual game to your schedule in order to post the stats for your tournament games. Entering more than one game of stats under one game will create errors in your players’ per game percentages.

26. My varsity team played a JV team or non-varsity team. How do I indicate that on my schedule?

Instead of searching for your opponents name search for one of the following: If you are a varsity team playing a non-varsity team, search “Non Varsity Opponent” (without quotes). If you are a JV team playing a non-Junior Varsity team, search “Non JV Opponent” (without quotes). If you are a freshman team playing a non-freshman team, search “Non Freshman Opponent” (without quotations).

27. My team played a team that cannot be found on MaxPreps. How do I add that game to my schedule?

Before contacting MaxPreps, try entering the zip code for the school. Also, be sure to leave off the school’s proper name in your search. (For example, Thomas Jefferson High School will just be ‘Jefferson’ in MaxPreps). If you still can’t find the school you played, search for ‘Varsity Opponent’. This is a filler school that will allow you to still enter stats. If you want to submit information on the school you played so it can be added to our database, please email

28. I do not see my current season in the Coach Administration pages, what do I do?

This could be for one of two reasons. 1) Your team is not in a league in MaxPreps. To fix this, please contact with your school and league name and he will get your team added. 2) This upcoming season has not been activated yet. If your season ended less than a few months ago, chances are, we don’t have the next season’s pages activated yet. If you want to double check when they will be activated, email or call (800) 329-7324 ext. 1.