Thursday, August 8, 2013

Learn More About MaxPreps Stat Import Partners

Here at Maxpreps we’re always trying to figure out ways to make things easier for coaches.

We’ve created MaxMessenger, printable game programs and a great team calendar. Another feature we have to make things easier that you may not be aware of is our extensive list of stat partners!  These are companies that have created a MaxPreps export for their stat program and this saves you time not having to manually enter stats anymore.

After you're done taking stats at the game, it’s three simple steps to get those stats to show on MaxPreps:

1. Export the file from your program.  It will be a TXT delimited file (tip: this is what your notepad files are).
2.   Save the file to your desktop.
3.   From your team admin, select your game and click on “Save & Import Stats”
Click image below to see our full list of stat partners. If you’re using a stat application that you don't see listed, contact the company and ask them if they can add a MaxPreps export.  Its great advertising and it’s free! For more information or help, please reach out to Alisa at

Friday, June 28, 2013

Soccer Coaches - Fill Out your 2013 Team Preview

Fill out Your Fall Soccer Preview Today!

Filling out your team preview takes less than 10 minutes and will give your fans a look into the upcoming season! Completed team previews show on your MaxPreps team page.

How to fill out your team's soccer team preview:

1) Login to with your email and personal password.
2) Move your mouse over "Hi, [Your Name]" and click on your school name under coach accounts.  
- Don't see the link to your team? Request an access code here.
3) In your team admin select "Team Preview" under "Team Admin Tools" on the left or under "Utilities" at the top.
4) Fill out your team preview and you're done!

Here is an example of the wall post for a completed team preview:

If you have any questions about submitting your team preview, please call us at (800) 329-7324 or email us at

Thursday, June 13, 2013

A Peek at the MaxPreps Holiday Classic

The 2012 MaxPreps Holiday Classic was a major highlight during the 2012-13 high school basketball season. Palm Springs was buzzing with talent and the competition was second to none when it comes to post-Christmas basketball tournaments. Now that the season is complete, we want to take a look back and really appreciate what transpired over the four-day tournament and show you exactly how good the competition was. 

Seven eventual state and section champions, including a pair of nationally ranked squads from Texas and Georgia, brought their talent to the Coachella Valley.  In addition to the superb talent, there was also an entertaining 3-Point and Slam Dunk Challenge. Add in the fact that the MaxPreps Holiday Classic takes place in Palm Springs, Calif., where the average temperature is 69 degrees with clear blue skies in a region that boasts over 200 golf courses, and you have yourself a top-notch event ready and willing to showcase your program on a national scale.

To learn more about the 2012 MaxPreps Holiday Classic watch the video and read the story here:


For more information on the tournament itself visit  

Coaches: If you are interested in being a part of future tournament play please contact Tournament Director Wayne Merino at

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Tips for Using GameChanger and MaxPreps

Baseball and Softball season is here and almost in full swing across the country. Scores and stats are rolling in and many of our coaches are using our partner, GameChanger, for their stats.

GameChanger is a mobile app and website that provides scorekeeping, stats and more. MaxPreps and GameChanger have partnered together to simplify the stat-keeping process even further; Stat the game on GameChanger and it can be automatically synced to MaxPreps. No more manual entry or hours spent typing the book! Just log in and approve the stats with one click.

Sounds easy enough right? Well it is, but we can all use a little help getting started. Here are the steps to create your GameChanger account if you haven’t signed up yet: 
  1. Go to and click on ‘Sign In’.
  2. Click on ‘Create an Account for Free’.
  3. Enter your first and last name, email address and password
  4. On the next page, click 'Add Your Team'
  5. Click 'Add Your Team and Continue' when you’re done
Already registered? Here are the steps to sync your GameChanger account with MaxPreps.
  1. Go to and and click on 'Sign In'.
  2. Once you are signed in, go to “Team Settings” under “Overview”
  3. Find the “MaxPreps Status” and hit “Configure”
  4. Fill out the information about your school (this is how it syncs with our database)
  5. Great! Now you are synced. Go to “Roster” and import your roster from MaxPreps
  6. Go to “Schedule” and import your schedule from MaxPreps
Stat files not coming over to MaxPreps?  No worries! You can export the stat file from and upload them to MaxPreps. 

  1. Go to the "Schedule/Results" tab
  2. Click on the score for the game you wish to export the stats
  3. Within the boxscore page, go to the stats tab
  4. You will then see a "MaxPreps CSV" button 
  5. Save the file to your computer/desktop 
  6. Login to and go to your Coach Admin
  7. Go to the Stats tab; select "Enter Stats" for that game 
  8. Enter the boxscore then click on "Save & Import Stats" at the bottom of the page
  9. Select the file from your computer and click "Import"
Check out this how to video for a walkthrough of the steps above and contact us if you need any help.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Pick Your Player of the Game & Year and NEW: Print a Certificate

This year we gave our Player of the Game and Player of the Year Programs a redesign. For football, coaches can now select an Offensive, Defensive and Overall Player of the Game and Year! Also, all sports now have a printable certificate that coaches can give to their athletes to recognize their achievements.

An example certificate

Once you select your Player of the Game or Player of the Year, they will receive a patch on their player page and a post on the team wall.

An example wall post.
To select your winners, login to your team admin and hover your mouse over “Utilities” across the top and select "Player of the Game" or “Player of the Year.” Once you select your athlete and save your comments, the print button will show up so you can print your certificate.

If you have any questions, please contact us at or (800) 329-7324 ext. 1.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Winter Sports - Get Started this Season

Save Time. Get Recognition. Always Free.

Basketball season is here! Whether you've already started or are starting soon, now is the time to update your basketball team on
Login to Your Free Team Admin.

Click here to sign in or register with your personal email and password. Need access to your team? Request your access code here.

Once you are signed in or registered, hover your mouse over your name in the upper right hand corner to find the link for your basketball team to access your team's admin pages.
Check Your Schedule.
Update Your Roster.
Enter Scores & Stats.
Check Out These Other Time-Saving Features!

  • Stat entry is quick and easy; averaging less than 15 minutes per game
  • Instantly send stats to all your local media with one click
  • Create game programs & stat printouts
  • Text & email your contacts with MaxMessenger  
  • Keep your team & fans informed by posting coach notes & calendar events to your page
Use MaxStats to Import your Stats from your iPad
MaxStats sleek touch screen interface allows you to drag players to their shooting location, provides real-time short charts and FG%, makes substitutions easily and more. Buy the varsity edition for just $2.99 and also have the ability to send game data to a wi-fi printer, email team & player shot charts and transfer games between iPads.Click here for more information!
Need Help? Contact Our Support Team at or (800) 329-7324 ext. 1 and view help videos here.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween from MaxPreps - 2012

We love any reason to dress up & celebrate at MaxPreps. (photo credit: Todd Shurtleff)
MaxPreps got into the spirit this year for Halloween! Not only did we get in costume, but we stayed in costume throughout the workday. Little did you know you might have been on the phone with an authentic pirate, zombie, cartoon character or superhero!

It wasn’t easy stay in character throughout the day; we needed food to fuel us up!

The environment at MaxPreps is always fun! Here are a few of our festive staff members. Can you name everyone’s costume?

MaxPreps wasn’t the one CBS Interactive company getting in the spirit. CBS Interactive had a company wide costume contest as well, and two of our very own are in the top five!

Coming in at 3rd place was Megan L. dressed as Flo from Progressive

 Finishing in 4th place is Taylor dressed as Mike Wazowski from the movie Monsters Inc.

Did you get into Halloween this year with your office, team, friends or family? Let us know in the comments!